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    Xiamen Evergreens Arts Co.,Ltd is one of the leading enterprises which  engage in manufacturing, wholesaling and exporting handmade oil paintings for worldwide customers and clients.Our  factory is located in Xiamen city which is one of the three largest oil painting  production bases in China since 1995.Our factory covers an area of 2000  square meters,we have more than 200  professional painters,most of them have over ten years painting experience and skills for all the styles and subjects.

      Our main products include decorative paintings, modern and abstract paintings,group paintings,transfer photos to paintings,all traditional oil paintings,etc.We have adopted to create a stylish home environment to provide sufficient choice for your space.

      Our service objects include Star hotels, luxury resorts, villas, luxury apartments, high-grade office buildings, bars, KTV, clubs, galleries,painter,distributors, gift companies, design companies, soft outfit companies etc. We are looking forward to establish a successful and fruitful business relationship with you in the near future.

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